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About Us

About Us


Launched in 1979, Medicos Co.,Ltd. is a Thai manufacturer and distributor for cosmetic products, spa products, massage products. With the intention to develop the quality products that are absolutely served for the need of the users, the company has fully exerted to research and develop through all production steps. Therefore, all products are recognized for their identity, diversity, suitableness and definitely the quality that conformed to the international standard From starting till now, we still maintain for the best standard and quality and to hold on developing for new products.That is fitting on our motto. MEDICOS FEELING OF QUALITY.


  • we research and develop the massage product cooperated with Watpo Thai Traditional Medical School.
  • -Thai Export listed membership since 2006


Since 2010 – now With the proficient experience more than 26 years, all Medicos products, branded Newsky, Watapo, Benaquin, 9 skills and Lamenette are worldwide acknowledged and being utilized in various countries almost 150 countries e.g. USA, The Netherland, Germany and the Japan etc.